Nourish Your Mind, Body + Spirit During the Fourth Trimester with Jaren Soloff


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Jaren Soloff is a Registered Dietitian and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who serves as an expert in women’s health. While continuing to practice in the field of eating disorder treatment, Jaren gained additional experience as an IBCLC to fuse her love of nutrition and women’s health.

Now working solely in private practice, Jaren combines her expertise as a skilled nutrition therapist and lactation consultant to support individuals looking to heal their relationship with food and body. Her brand, FULL CRCL provides evidence-based practices to support women at all stages of the reproductive cycle, from preconception to postpartum. Informed by her own journey and hundreds of women she has counseled, Jaren's experience comes full circle to support women in navigating pregnancy, birth, and postpartum from a simple and intuitive framework.

- Why postpartum nutrition is just as important as prenatal nutrition (& intro to The Postnatal Cookbook) - How to meet nutrition needs without engaging in restricting, structured eating (intuitive eating) - The risk of disordered eating and eating disorders during postpartum - Navigating body image - Supporting mood with nutrition While you're here...

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