Way of the Sea Huntress, Part Two - Kimi Werner #139


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In part two of the Way of the Sea Huntress, professional spearfisherwoman Kimi Werner shares the beautiful story of her relationship with her local aquatic ecology and what led her from competitive spearfishing to spearfishing for food. Coming full circle, one of the most important parts of spearfishing for Kimi is getting to prepare her harvest to share with her loved ones and community. Tune in for an inspiring story of a woman dedicated to her craft and passionate about a healthy, sustainable future for our global community. And if you enjoy this conversation, check out part one where Kimi and I go deeper into her spearfishing hunting practice!

  • Introducing Kimi Werner
  • How Kimi became a spearfisherwoman
  • What led Kimi to competitive spearfishing
  • Spearfishing in Hawaii vs Rhode Island
  • Walking away from competition
  • Who is Kimi today
  • Participating in ecology
  • Kimi’s relationship to her prey
  • Kimi on holding her breath
  • Women and hunting
  • The beauty of your food’s story
  • Kimi’s prognosis for the future of the human species

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