Episode #52: How to be a Running Badass with Steve Jones


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2nd at the Boston Marathon London Marathon Champion New York City Marathon Champion 2-time Chicago Marathon Champion Former Half Marathon World Record Holder Former Marathon World Record Holder Current British Marathon Record Holder In partnership with Reebok Running, we are excited to bring you a chat with Steve Jones. Born and raised in Wales, Steve Jones ("Jonesy") is one of the most accomplished marathoners of all-time. He changed the sport with a world record in his first completed marathon in Chicago in 1984. He was known for his bold, aggressive racing style and unorthodox training approach. “I make it simple,” Jones says. “No science, no heart monitors. None of it comes out of a book. Just running instinctively. I ran by the seat of my pants almost all the time, and you don't see that now. No worry about time. Competition was my clock.” Listen in to learn how to be a running badass straight from the man himself. Plus in the intro, we get his take on Farah vs. Kipchoge in London 2018.

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