Clever Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel


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It's no secret. The "exodus" from Facebook has internet marketers storming the castle name "YouTube and TikTok."

To be successful on these platforms, you need to take off your content creator hat and put on a marketer's hat.

You need to promote your videos like a marketer…

And as we talked about in the last episode, marketing is measured by the number of leads and sales, not views and subs.

So... How do you grow the channel? Here are a few simple out-of-the-box but powerful ways to do just that.

Let's dive in!

Key Takeaways

- Hope is a sucky marketing strategy (00:54)

- Inbound promotion of your videos (01:35)

- Outbound marketing to grow your channel (04:08)

- Nurturing and promoting to your list (06:39)

- The real asset of the Internet is a list (07:54)

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