The 2 Post-Launch KPIs To Remove Yourself From Your Funnel…


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Of all the busy-busy things you can get distracted with after your sales funnel is launched, and of all the things you can track, it's clear to me that there are only 2 things to track to get the greatest ROI (and they "release you" also)...

I'm talking about automating a funnel post-launch right after the funnel is out of the door.

This is so that you can remove yourself without killing the funnel.

These 2 KPIs are from a marketing sense, and remember, I have previously said that marketing is measured in leads.

If it didn't create a lead, it wasn't marketing.

Tune in to learn what they are and how they shorten the distance to success.

Key Takeaways

- How to automate a funnel post-launch (00:57)

- Treating fulfillment like a funnel (02:12)

- Marketing is all about creating a lead (04:59)

- The 2 KPIs that indicate the likelihood of success (07:08)

- The shortest distance to success (10:40)

- How to double the number of people coming to your funnel (16:23)

- Content for leads challenge (20:50)

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