Treating Your Sales Funnel Like A Salesperson


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There's an interesting way to look at the relationship between the internet, marketing, and sales. We measure each very differently and have different expectations.

During this year's Funnel Hacking Live, Russell and I got the chance to teach about sales funnels in a way that most people have probably not thought about but one that should accelerate the value you get back from your funnel.

The whole notion of what we were trying to teach is that a sales funnel is nothing more than a salesperson, and the internet is just the lead machine.

Here's how I think of a sales funnel as a sales PERSON and what I expect from both...

Key Takeaways

- What's really is a sales funnel (07:48)

- You need to think of a funnel as a salesperson (09:04)

- The internet is a lead machine, not a salesperson (10:51)

- What is the relationship between marketing and sales? (16:36)

- The internet is a distribution channel for marketing efforts (17:21)

- How to know your funnel is working (28:21)

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