Using Funnels In Company Acquisitions


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Funnels can be used to guide a user through many things. The obvious ones are leads and sales. The not-so-obvious is fulfillment and onboarding, but now I'm using them for company acquisitions. Here's what's happening…

I've been asking myself what's in play for me in the next 5 years that I can get so focused on to delete 80% of everything else, which is a super hard thing to do, but I've done it anyways.

We've just started buying partial or full companies at certain stages and fixing them up.

And since season two of this show is dedicated to documenting my journey to 100 million, I think this new M&A vehicle will get me there faster.

Tune in to hear what we are doing in this space.

Key Takeaways

- What we've been doing (00:29)

- Why we got into mergers and acquisitions (03:05)

- From a consultant to a business partner (06:46)

- The vehicle to take me to $100 million (07:30)

- Getting my drive back (10:14)

- Taking my funnel background into M&A (13:10)

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