My Next Funnel Moves In The Results-Based Economy…


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Removing your own time from the business is the simplest start to building a REAL business in the results-based economy.

I like selling in the results-based economy and not the time-based economy.

If time is how you measure value, you are still stuck in the lower-class economy. The results-based economy is a better life. Nobody cares how long it takes if you get the result they want.

What does all this mean?

It means creating a scalable offer and business that relies on systems and processes, not your time as the offer creator.

You are not the offer!

Here are the moves I'm making to jumpstart 2023 in the results-based economy…

Key Takeaways

- Are you stuck in the lower class economy (00:48)

- Value is not measured in time but in results (02:30)

- Selling in the results economy (04:34)

- You are not a cog in the business machine (07:25)

- How to craft your offer to deliver results (08:47)

- What you can do to provide a better result (10:08)

- Work for Steve (16:25)

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