OB70: Potomac Approach (PCT), Part 1


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Episode 70 Show Notes

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Topic of the show: AG and RH will begin discussion about the complex Potomac Approach airspace, including a basic overview of the Special Flight Rules Area (SFRA) around Washington, D.C. and the associated Flight Restricted Zone (FRZ). Thank you to our friends at Potomac Approach (PCT) for your help answering listener questions!

*Opposing Bases Air Traffic Talk and our guests are providing this information for entertainment purposes only*. This podcast, the website, and the views expressed by the show hosts and guests are not a replacement for applicable laws, rules, and regulations; specifically 14 CFR Part 91, 14 CFR Part 93, 14 CFR Part 61 and all training associated with the Washington, D.C. Special Flight Rules Area. Consult with a professional Certified Flight Instructor or a representative from your local Flight Standards District Office or FAA Safety Team for official guidance on the procedures discussed on this show. This podcast episode does not substitute for the required training outlined in 14 CFR Part 91.161 (Special awareness training required for pilots flying under visual flight rules within a 60-nautical mile radius of the Washington, DC VOR/DME).

Timely Feedback:

  1. Kilo Sierra sent in audio about using lat/long information with first responders. Thank you, KS!
  2. Delta Charlie responded to some helicopter narrative on a previous show. Thank you, DC!
  3. Patron Joe the Airbus Guy sent in audio about Category III approaches. Thanks, Joe!
  4. Echo Bravo sent in joint feedback to Fighter Pilot Podcast and OB. Thank you, EB!
  5. Tango Hotel’s question was discussed in OB69 and he sent in follow up comments.
  6. Golf Tango sent in audio about the DH.98 Mosquito. Thank you, GT!
  7. Some Twitter feedback from Hillel and Phillip. Thank you!


  1. Patron Echo Hotel sent in a question about flying general aviation in and out of busy airspace. Great question, EH.
  2. Juliet Hotel asks about combined frequencies/positions. Great question, JH!
  3. Kilo Mike Charlie asked a question about departure procedures. Thanks, KMC!

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