OB74: Radio Faces Host Canadian Aces


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Episode 74 Show Notes

Topic of the show: AG and RH host two Canadian listeners for our first official meetup! Thank you, CP and JB for flying all the way to the TRIAD and helping us record a great episode!

Timely Feedback:

1. “MDW” from C90 comments on hitting gaps in ORD and MDW. Thank you, MDW!

2. JDJ explains the wingspan issues with the B747 “dash” 8! Thank you, JDJ!

3. DG from “Boeing 737 Operator” Airlines comments on being ready to go!

4. JN from “The Landline” explains his experience at various facilities.

5. PATRON “Joe the Airbus Guy” sent in a story about landing without a clearance. Thank you!

6. SP suggests playing noises to clear the path during everyday flying!


1. Controller Vlad asked about approach clearances. FAA-8083-16B (Instrument Procedures Handbook) is a great resource for all your instrument flying questions and approach clearances are covered in Chapter 3 (page 3-22). Available online in PDF format.

2. RK asked why United States’ ATIS content is so lengthy. #birds #holdshort

3. Tango Charlie asks about lightning strikes.

4. JS saved up some great questions; one of them about tracks vs. headings.

5. GWS asked why flight following isn’t always seamless between facilities.

Question of the Week/Month

RK responds to last weeks question. Thank you, RK! Old question: How has this show changed the way you view ATC? Click here to respond.

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