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Episode 76 Show Notes

Topic of the show: AG and RH catch up on feedback that has piled up again. On this episode, we play five audio feedback recordings and answer questions/comments from seven other listeners. Your feedback drives the show and we want to get to all of it . . . thank you for your patience.


1. Today is your last day to get a new, amazing #OB shirt. You have two choices: Awesome or Amazing. Click on the link in the show notes to pick your design and choose between blue or grey. All proceeds go towards our trip to EAA AirVenture 2019 at Oshkosh! Check out BG’s bonus episode about hiring here! If you haven’t heard his show, check it out! It’s awesome!

2. We opened a new Twitter account: Same picture, same logo, new handle:@Opposing_Bases

3. Check out this link for more information about becoming an air traffic controller. Off the street, no experience bid opens on June 14th and closes on June 17th (or earlier depending on number of applications received). Make sure you have your resume ready to go by starting an account on https://www.usajobs.gov/.

Timely Feedback:

1. PATRON Captain Nick made the news! Plane Tales podcast is an awesome segment of the Airline Pilot Guy podcast. Check them out if you haven’t heard them! They are awesome!

2. “Catfish Willie” from twitter sent in a question about CH47 currency.

3. PATRON Golf Zulu Romeo sent in horns for Patrons! Thank you!

4. PATRON Charlie Hotel did his first solo! Congratulations!

5. India Mike responds to OB75 about flying in the SF Bay Area.

6. PATRON Delta Mike sent in feedback about OB75.

7. PATRON Hotel Kilo went flying with his son near TRIAD to busy “SW Metroplex”.


1. JPS sent in 9 questions we try to cover speed round style!

2. Best checkride story ever from Flying and Life podcast host, Mike! Awesome!

3. Speakpipe audio feedback from Juliet Sierra about a checkride.

4. Speakpipe audio feedback from Alpha Quebec about “Alpha Launch” on carriers. Check out the Fighter Pilot Podcast.

5. Speakpipe audio feedback from “Echo from the U” about props calling ready. Please don’t stop making that call . . . just look out the window first, please!

The Production Team at Opposing Bases Air Traffic Talk would like to extend our sincere apologies for RH and AG running long this week. The feedback segment started late and they didn’t want to stop.

Have a great week and thanks for listening!

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