#48 Choosing to Stay: Pitch for Life with Mo Haque


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What would you do if you hit the rock bottom and can’t see any solution on the horizon?

My guest in today’s episode 48 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Mo Haque is a Keynote Speaker and author of Choosing to Stay.

Mo was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer five years ago. When chemo stopped working, a breakthrough drug was his only hope. But there was a problem. The drug was too expensive, and the NHS wouldn't pay for it. Mo needed to raise money for his cancer treatment. An unexpected event led him to crowdfund over £186,000 to access the potentially life-saving drug and has seen his tumour reduced by over 50%.

He joins me in this last episode of 2019 to share his stories of hope, love, and gratitude.

Listen to this inspiring episode to find out how Mo learned to ask for help and wonderful stories of strangers showing him love and helping him through this journey.

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