Creating Relevant Content with First-Party Data - Brian Knollenberg


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Some of the questions that get answered in this episode:

  • What are Customer Data Platforms and how can one help drive relevant content?
  • What is first-party data vs second-party data vs third-party data?
  • How does BECU use its member's first-party data to create relevant content?
  • Are there levels of privacy that a consumer should have regarding how marketers use first-party data?
  • Are Credit Bureaus outdated?
  • Is there a way to control the use of consumer data at this stage of the internet?
  • When does it make sense to hire a creative agency versus keeping the marketing tasks in-house?
  • How can a creative agency be most useful to a company’s marketing department?
  • How can a creative agency quickly learn their client’s business?
  • How can a creative agency appear credible to a client or potential client?


Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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