Metrics Matter, But Hearts Buy Shoes - Michael Ryan Wilson


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Michael Ryan Wilson is the Brand Creative Director at Finish Line in Boulder, Colorado, a national retailer of athletic shoes and apparel.

  • Their mutual appreciation for the NBA
  • When and why a brand should use influencers, or not
  • Creating remote content during a pandemic
  • Being in a high-risk group during COVID
  • Working and being creative while battling cancer
  • Michael’s origin story
  • The need for technical training in the creative space
  • The importance of making audacious things and winning hearts in brand marketing
  • Respecting the power that creatives have over portrayals of people and products
  • Representation and diversity in the design world
  • Michael’s experience with race, and how the past year has changed his thinking
  • How his wedding ended up on the front page of Reddit

Episode Transcript

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