Great UX Writers Follow the Data - Melissa Antonelli


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Melissa Antonelli is a Principal UX Content Strategist at Zillow, where she supports their Closing Services team and ITX team, and helps Zillow build new products.

  • What it means to be a Principal UX Content Strategist at Zillow [1:05]
  • Finding where improvements need to be made, and what metrics to watch in a customer journey [5:13]
  • Zillow’s business model, how the company makes money [6:45]
  • Key differences between the roles of a marketing copywriter, a UX copywriter, and a content strategist [7:49]
  • The path Mel took to becoming a UX Content Strategist [13:26]
  • What is exciting about UX writing [22:44]
  • Advice for people who want to be a UX copywriter [25:10]
  • The value of cross team critiques, and getting exposure to multiple projects as a UX copywriter [29:42]
  • Advice for designers and product managers who are new to working with a content strategist [31:19]
  • Creating new job titles as a marketing tool [34:24]
  • Key takeaways from the UX writing class Mel taught at Seattle’s School of Visual Concepts [36:51]
  • Defining voice and tone, and what’s the difference anyways [39:15]
  • The future role of AI in the world of copywriters and content strategists, and how it may impact or change a marketer’s role [41:12]

Episode Transcript & Mentions

Clyde Golden is a creative agency in Seattle specializing in research, strategy, and content creation via Customer Journey programs.

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