Why Algorithms Rob Us Of What Truly Matters - Hanson Hosein


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Hanson Hosein is a documentary filmmaker and storyteller. Currently, Hosein is Co-Founder of the University of Washington’s Communication Leadership graduate program, President of HRH Media Group, and a co-principal of MIRA!. In this episode Hanson and Tim speak about:

  • How to set up a successful interview
  • Hanson’s book, “Storyteller Uprising”
  • Hanson’s documentary, “Independent America, the Tulane Search for Mom and Pop”
  • The shifting perspectives regarding technology
  • Thinking profoundly about social platforms
  • How algorithms favor stories that have the most intensity and heat
  • An argument for making communication difficult
  • What Hanson is doing with MIRA!
  • Teaching the new generation to think things through ethically before they join the tech workforce
  • Whether companies actually know how to use the first party data that they have.
  • The mistrust in institutions.
  • Agreeing on a single narrative as a country, and what happens if our country can’t agree.
  • Sharing your political stance as a business owner
  • Being politically and socially useful as a small business.
  • How people react in a crisis
  • What it is like to be a reporter during a crisis
  • Documenting a story while living it
  • Deciding if a moment is worth recording
  • Defining loyalty and trust in relation to storytelling

Episode Transcript & Mentions

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