Why Diverse Agencies Outperform All Others - Catherine Bye and Mariah Lincoln


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Catherine Bye and Mariah Lincoln are the co-founders of Knack collective and Knack co-working here in Seattle, Catherine Bye is Chief Executive Officer and Mariah Lincoln is Chief Operating Officer.

  • Creating flexible and inclusive cultures, while still delivering exceptional work for clients [0:28]
  • Structures Knack has in place that help them to continue being “people first” as they grow their agency. [10:57]
  • Flexibility and working together from home [16:22]
  • Clyde Golden Advertisement [22:28]
  • Knack’s target clients and core competencies [22:55]
  • The program Mariah developed at Rational Interaction [26:07]
  • Five Steps to Future-Proofing your business [30:24]
    • One – Publicly acknowledging that the system is broken [34:21]
    • Two – Partnering with formally certified diverse suppliers [35:48]
    • Three – Exposing your diversity data [38:12]
    • Four – Demonstrating equitable pay and career growth opportunities for all employees [39:35]
    • Five – Having a belonging score, i.e. inclusivity and how you treat employees [43:38]
  • How a diverse team will improve your work [48:35]
  • How you can start future-proofing your business, even if you are a small and/or busy company [50:11]

Episode Transcript & Mentions:

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