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"The military, again, not producing the quantity that they once did, it’s really been pushed down to the civilian flight schools to really meet industry demand."

"the aviation program has really been noticed and it’s been noticed from an international standpoint on what we’re able to supply and how we’re able to supply graduating students into some just absolutely amazing jobs with really unlimited possibility..."

"to move to the next level into the majors—the Deltas and the Uniteds—you’re looking at a bachelor’s degree minimum to get into these highly sought-after careers."

"I’m very proud to say, our pilots that have graduated from SUU have flown on every continent—but they’re taking along with them the English and the history and that just really broadens"

"within the MIS degree, within the three branches, three legs of that degree, we are actively working towards making one of those nine credit branches pure aviation"

"how do we educate women, minorities, that this should not remain the exclusive domain of the white man?"

"I think some people come down and say, “Well, this seems like it’s kind of an expensive program” because they have to pay for the flight hours. Seems like an expensive program, but the return on investment is spectacular."

"The rest of aviation is a part-time gig. You’re mandated through the FAA. You can only work really part-time, but you’re getting paid full-time wages."

"we train great pilots. We’ve produced over 600 pilots since we’ve been in operation for five years. And we train in a very unique environment, unlike any other training environment within collegiate aviation. We’re the highest altitude in school in the country"

"We’re committing to mom and dad when they put their children in the program that we’re going to do absolutely everything we can to make sure that they not only get good, relevant training, but they also come back."

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