Chris Millard: The Barmy Army Story


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The original story of the Barmy Army

The tour of Australia in 1994/95

The culture of positivity and the notion of self-policing

Hoggy’s Rules - the code of conduct

The streaker in Sri Lanka

The Barmy Army trumpeter and 'Barmy's got Talent'

The entertainment and atmosphere - how much is organic?

The tour business side of the Barmy Army

“We are part of the occasion and the economics of the game”

The criticism of the corporatisation and being against the spirit of the game

Covid and the travel industry

The difference between the many cricketing countries they visit

The charity works and the events outside the cricket

The relationship between the England team and the Barmy Army

The use of the Barmy Army as a playing tool for the team

The Fanatics (Australia) and the Bharat Army (India) - the response to the Barmy Army

How supporter groups could work to even up the power in the game

The secondary ticket market and the problems at the 2019 World Cup

Taking tours to Brazil and Argentina and beyond

His favourite song and why Mitchell Johnson's 'sh*te' bowling breaks an important rule

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