230: How Much Of Yourself Should You Share On Social Media?


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Having a social media presence is key to building a strong personal and professional brand. Plus, it allows us to connect with likeminded people, hunt for jobs and find new opportunities and clients. But what happens when you have multiple brands? How do you separate your personal life from your professional life? And how do you be authentic without oversharing? In this episode inspired by a listener question, Christina shares her thoughts on how much of yourself you should share on social media. Show notes are at www.thecmethod.com/230. This has been Episode 230 of the Stand Out Get Noticed Podcast with Christina Canters. Want to have your say in the future of the Stand Out Get Noticed podcast? Fill out the 5-min podcast listener survey here: https://www.thecmethod.com/survey The C Method Academy is launching soon! Get on the wait list to be first to be notified and receive early bird membership discounts! Go to: https://www.thecmethod.com/join CONNECT: cc@thecmethod.com https://www.thecmethod.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/christinacanters Instagram: @cjcanters ABOUT THE C METHOD: We help high performing professionals and business leaders achieve higher levels of confidence, influence and impact in the workplace through developing powerful speaking and communication skills. Learn more about The C Method coaching programs: https://www.thecmethod.com/coaching/ Book Christina to speak at your next event or industry conference: https://www.thecmethod.com/speaking/ The post How Much Of Yourself Should You Share On Social Media? [Episode 230] appeared first on The C Method with Christina Canters.

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