8 | Following your dream the long way around w/ Lasse Brøndsted


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Lasse was always passionate about cycling he took education in it and join cycle club after an accident he had to give up on cycling professionally but kept the hobby growing. As time passes I have met Lasse working in kitchen production. I immediately took a liking of Lasse and as our collaboration continued I have learned about his history. On this day Lasse is continuing the working in the field he always liked and he is great in it. supporting the cyclist all the way from the source.

Location: We caught up with Lasse on his stay in the Imperial hotel. Imperial hotel is located in the very city center of Copenhagen so it is really just a walking distance everywhere you wanna go. This was the first time for me entering this hotel and boy it is beautiful. From the beginning, we had a drink and discuss what's new, with a little briefing about the podcast we gonna make. After finishing food with some desert we have moved upstairs to record. The room was beautiful and a great place to record in. Spacious enough to create the set up for the video and quiet enough so the audio is without background noise. As a Story on the go, we always go and check out different facilities and get different levels of background noise and this was a big advantage of this place. If you feel like you have the right spot for us to check it out let us know and we make it happen.

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