Supergirl Talk Podcast #30 - S 2 Ep 10 WE CAN BE HEROES


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Kara starts training Mon-El. Leslie is announced having broken out of imprisonment. Kara and Mon-El engage Livewire, who is revealed to be another woman, who attacks the pair with a male Livewire. Mon-El ignores Kara's instruction to protect the civilians in order to save her. The Guardian arrives and aids them. The Livewires escape; and Kara finds out about James' alter ego, scolding him and Winn. She also gets angry with Mon-El for prioritizing her over the others. The DEO learns that Leslie was actually abducted from incarceration. Winn locates her. James and Mon-El rush there to prove themselves. The duo is captured by the scientist, who has been draining Leslie's powers and giving them to his subjects. Kara arrives and saves them, freeing Leslie and dissuading her from killing the scientist, allowing her to escape in exchange. Kara rejects James' offer for cooperation in vigilantism. Mon-El confirms his feelings for her. Meanwhile, M'gann loses consciousness. J'onn agrees to bond with her. In a shared memory, he tells her that she is forgiven. She regains consciousness; and J'onn frees her. She reveals that the White Martians are searching for her.

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