S02 E32: Diversity in Casting: Actors and Casting Directors Reflect


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Over the last season, the Artist Inclusive Podcast has found the topic of diversity a powerful focal point. Guests on the pod from the world of acting and theater have, in particular, had a great amount of insight to this topic. We decided to take a retrospective look back at some of the more enlightening moments. Shanga Parker talks on the relationship between typecasting and racial identity, and the power of saying no. Andy Roth chats on the role of inclusion and diversity in the voiceover industry. Suehyla El-Attar Young recounts the negative feelings associated with playing a negative stereotype. Rene Millan gives insight into the “ethnically ambiguous” pitfall of being a gigging actor. Manuela Sosa discusses the connection between a native language and a strong performance.

00:00 Anna and Daniel
07:00 Shanga Parker
12:00 Andy Roth
17:00 Suehyla El-Attar Young
22:00 Rene Millan
28:45 Manuela Sosa

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