020 - Functional Lab Testing for GUT HEALTH - Good, Better, Best Options


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Gut health super important. Science (and the mainstream) now realize that it is an important part of any autoimmune process (it's an important piece of nearly any health process), but there is still a lot of confusion and a lot of misdirection when trying to navigate your own health journey. These days there are a lot of gut testing options, ranging from $79 on Facebook to at least 10x that much for a comprehensive functional panel. Which is the right test for YOU?!?
Every lab company claims their test is the best. To me, that's like Chevy saying they are better than Ford and Ford saying they are better than Chevy, when in reality you may like or prefer one more than the other, but they are pretty equivalent. I HATE THAT! What really matters is that YOU DON'T BUY A CAR WHEN WHAT YOU REALLY NEED IS A TRUCK!
This episode doesn't discuss the features and benefits of each company's panels, but rather discusses the logic and benefits of the different types of gut health testing, including:

  • SIBO Breath Test
  • Food Sensitivities (IgG vs. IgA)
  • Mucosal Immune Triggers (IgA)
  • Leaky Gut Testing (occludin, zonulin, actomyosin, cytoskeleton antibodies)
  • Organic Acids Testing
  • and Stool Testing, which I spend the most time discussing because it gives the most information about the gut, including.....

  • Details of your "Microbiome" - too much bacteria, too little, which species?
  • Infections or Pathogens - H. pylori, E. coli, parasites, Candida, etc
  • Digestion - digestive enzymes, HCL, Secretory IgA, calprotectin, SCFA, etc

Some panels offer more in-depth analysis than others, but again the important thing is to choose the right test for the right situation, and then choose the right value for your particular situation. In this episode I cover all of these factors - and hopefully it helps you navigate your own health journey better!

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