Dr. Kelly Diehl, D.V.M., Senior Director of Science and Communication of Morris Animal Foundation, Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist and Veterinary Journalist


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Dr. Kelly Diehl left private practice as a Small Animal Internal Medicine Specialist to join the Morris Animal Foundation which funds research that benefits animals directly.

Dr. Diehl and Stacy discuss the Happy, Healthy Cat campaign which continues to shape protocol around low-stress housing in shelters today. Dr. Diehl relates some surprising common ground uncovered in a study about bird people v. cat people and gives us a preview into an ongoing study that looks at the effects of chronic inflammation in feline behavior and cognitive health.

To learn more, visit the Morris Animal Foundation website for information on studies, webinars, and videos. Find out about their FIP initiative and how the foundation determines which projects to fund. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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