128: Race in Couples Therapy with Corey Yeager and Kirsten Lind Seal


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The episode this week was with two guests, Dr. Corey Yeager and Dr. Kirsten Lind Seal. They discuss the reality of race and privilege in therapy. At one point Corey said, there is no such thing as cultural competence. That implies arrival. What is more appropriate is the idea of cultural understanding and responsiveness. As human beings we will always be struggling with this and part of the work is getting comfortable with the struggle.

Dr. Corey Yeager is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, researcher, activist, and the life coach/psychotherapist for the Detroit Pistons.

Find him on instagram and twitter @drcoreyyeager

Dr. Kirsten Lind Seal is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with many publications, training experience and appearances in the media.

Find out more about Kirsten Lind Seal at kirstenlindseal.com

You can find both of them on the show, Relationship Reboot, WCCO TV (CBS)

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