April 13, 2021 The Arts and Crafts Movement, Eudora Welty, Mary Strong Clemens, The Rush of Spring, Imperial Nature by Jim Endersby, and International Plant Appreciation Day


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Today we celebrate a writer and avid gardener who, as an adult, gardened beside her mother for decades. We'll also learn about a botanist and prolific plant collector who traveled along with her minister husband as he worked in the Philippines. We hear some thoughts about how quickly spring goes by. We Grow That Garden Library™ with a book about Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker. And then we’ll wrap things up with International Plant Appreciation Day. Subscribe Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart To listen to the show while you're at home, just ask Alexa or Google to “Play the latest episode of The Daily Gardener Podcast.” And she will. It's just that easy. The Daily Gardener Friday Newsletter Sign up for the FREE Friday Newsletter featuring:

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Plus, each week, one lucky subscriber wins a book from the Grow That Garden Library™ bookshelf. Gardener Greetings Send your garden pics, stories, birthday wishes, and so forth to Jennifer@theDailyGardener.org Curated News An introduction to the gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement | House & Garden | Judith B. Tankard Facebook Group If you'd like to check out my curated news articles and original blog posts for yourself, you're in luck. I share all of it with the Listener Community in the Free Facebook Group - The Daily Gardener Community. So, there’s no need to take notes or search for links. The next time you're on Facebook, search for Daily Gardener Community, where you’d search for a friend... and request to join. I'd love to meet you in the group.

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