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If you are ready to stop starting over on your fitness journey, ready to amplify your results and ready to see lasting change, you are in the right place. My name is Devan Kline, CEO of Burn Boot Camp, and I’m here to coach you on taking your health and fitness to the next level. Every Tuesday I bring you my best advice and practical strategies for igniting your transformation. Every Thursday I chat with the top influencers in the industry on the latest in nutrition, health and fitness.I traveled the country in my early 20's playing for the San Francisco Giants staying with host families in dozens of cities. I discovered that "normal" American problems were not the same as I had faced growing up but lethargy and lack of vitality led them to a similar unhappiness. It was so fulfilling to positively impact their lives with my presence!After being released from the Giants at 24 y/o, Morgan (my wife) and I started Burn Boot Camp in a parking lot with our last $600. In the first 6 years, we've generated $100M in revenue and impacted almost 1 million families with hard work, belief, and a relentless drive! My podcast covers my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual philosophy to help you take your life to the next level. It's my life's mission to help you create LASTING change, to "stop starting over", and to maximize your health and happiness!I'm always accessible to you on Instagram, DM me anytime! @devan.kline

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