Effortless Weight loss For Fertility and Beyond with Nagina Abdullah – #42


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What if weight loss was effortless and could be approached in a feminine and intuitive way? Nagina Abdullah struggled with weight her whole life. She successfully lost weight dieting only to plateau and gain it back time and time again. Sound familiar? She knew there had to be a sane, intuitive and feminine approach to this struggle. She started using the spices from her youth to add life, vibrancy, and satiation to her meals. No longer was she deprived. On the contrary, she felt filled up and the pounds started melting off. Despite being a mama of two wee ones and working a high-stress corporate job in NYC she for the first time gained mastery of her body. She went on to incorporate low inflammatory foods and strength training to build her dream body. She promises no more processed meal plans, no more calorie counting, no more deprivation. If you are trying to conceive you will benefit greatly from Nagina’s wisdom and sensibility as she teaches you an easy way to reconnect with your best self and maintain your ideal weight.

Interview with Nagina Abdullah

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Nagina Abdullah is a health coach for busy women and moms and founder of the website MasalaBody.com. She teaches women with a demanding career and busy life how to eat healthier without feeling deprived and has helped hundreds of women lose 15-40 pounds and shrink their waist. Nagina has been featured in Business Insider, Health.com, Huffington Post and on Fox News.

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