Not Our First Outbreak, MDs Perspective On Keeping Positive & Hopeful - Dr. John A. Chuback


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Dr. John Chuback, trained in Newwark, NJ, in the early 1990 in the time when HIV and AIDS became a big issue and people didn’t really understand the virus, didn’t know how for sure how it was spreading and there was a huge outbrake in his area. That was his first experience with an epidemic.
As a surgeon he has seen many types of deadly infectious disease and I’m really happy he agreed to talk about his experience and give us some hope from an expert’s perspective, we feel afraid because we don’t know much about this pandemic, it’s not our field of study but there are people like Dr. Chuback who have been dealing with these types of problems their whole carriers and he’s bringing us some much needed hope and positivity.
John A. Chuback, M.D., is Board Certified in General Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery. He received his MD from Rutgers University and has been in private practice in Paramus, New Jersey, for 16 years. Dr. Chuback is also a successful entrepreneur: he is the founder and Chief Medical Officer at Chuback Medical Group, founder and managing member of Elant Hill, LLC, and the nutraceutical company BiosupportMD.
He’s also the author of Make Your Own Damn Cheese: Understanding, Navigating, and Mastering the 3 Mazes of Success, where he talks about how to master the mazes of life, you can find the book on Amazon, here’s the link:
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