245: Plant-Based Transformation & New Music With Nick Broadhurst


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You asked, so here it is: another episode with Nick Broadhurst — singer/songwriter, polymath, entrepreneur, and (best of all) my darling husband. In today’s deep-dive, he’s pulling back the curtains on the huge physical transformation (as well as giving us a sneak peek at his latest single ‘Inner Love’!! 🙌).

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It’s no secret that Nick has had his fair share of health challenges. After his life-altering diagnosis, as well as suffering from various ‘mystery’ illnesses, ailments and mental health issues, he came *this close* to giving up on his search for wellness. After all, maybe “sick and tired” is just how we’re supposed to feel as we get older… right?

Wrong. Nick knew there was another level he could reach with his health, and the solution was in the kitchen. By eating 100% whole food, plant-based he’s been able to radically transform his body and mind. In less than 3 months, he put on 5 kilos of muscle, increased his training volume by 600%, healed some lingering ailments, got his energy back to levels he hadn’t experienced for decades, and now feels stronger, healthier, happier and more creative than ever before.

In this conversation, we opened it up to you and he’s answering all YOUR burning questions about mental health, releasing new music, creativity, purpose, his transformation, revealing the truth about going plant-based, and how it can impact your life.

So if you want to bust through the raging myths about eating plant-based, find out why transitioning to plants is not as hard (or as big a deal) as you may think, and also hear his new single (which is hands down, one of my favourites), grab your earbuds, press download, and prepare to have your mind-blown… this episode is for you!

In this episode we chat about:

  • His journey through one of the toughest times of his life… and how it impacted our relationship (08:30)
  • His new single — why now, and why the delay? (15:36)
  • The #1 reason he decided to go 100% wholefood plant-based (17:22)
  • How going wholefood plant-based has affected his mental health (anyone who’s ever struggled with depression and anxiety NEEDS to hear this!) (29:01)
  • Nick’s typical day of food (and how he adapts his diet based on his energy needs and intuition) (37:46)
  • The best plant sources of protein and fat (and they’re not what you’d expect!) (41:10)
  • How to transition to a plant-based diet and avoid any nasty detox effects (49:29)
  • Do vegans need supplements? Finally, an answer backed by science (55:00)
  • How Nick builds so much muscle on a plant-based diet (01:02:59)
  • Celery juice: worth it or not? (01:04:58)
  • The best way to get your family to eat plant-based (even if your kids don’t love fruit and veg… yet!) (01:07:40)
  • His powerful manifesting process (01:16:14)
  • Plus so much more!
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