5: Am I a mother, or just somebody who had a baby? With Pandora Sykes.


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Hello! This week I spoke to the author, podcaster and journalist Pandora Sykes.
I was thrilled to interview Pandora all about the flattened female identity of motherhood; how we generalise, lump together and dismiss mothers into one homogenous group and how that impacts everyone either thinking about having a baby or who has become a parent.
Pandora's book, How Do We Know That We’re Doing It Right is already a bestseller and will be out in paperback in May 2021. As well as being an author and journalist, Pandora was the co-host of the phenomenal podcast The High Low, presents podcast The Missing and has her own podcast, Doing It Right.

can follow her at @PINsykes [https://twitter.com/PINsykes]
on Twitter and @pandorasykes [https://www.instagram.com/pandorasykes/?hl=en]
on Instagram.

I was also lucky to talk to Sarah McCullen, Director of Impact and Engagement and the National Childbirth Trust. Sarah and I discussed post-natal mental health, identity and what we can do to hold on to our sense of who we are, while growing another person.

can follow NCT on Twitter at @NCTcharity [https://twitter.com/NCTcharity] and visit their website at https://www.nct.org.uk/

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