70 - Eavesdropping with Dan Koeppel


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In this episode we talk with Dan Koeppel about his article "The Legend of Baltimore Jack" in Outside Magazine. Dan was searching for an article to write for Outside when it was suggested that he look into a hiker who had recently passed away named Baltimore Jack. But little did Dan know that Baltimore Jack was Adam Tarlin, a student who had written for the school newspaper with Dan while they were both attending Hampshire College. In our discussion, Dan talks about the various avenues he took to learn more about what made Adam Tarlin become Baltimore Jack. Koeppel interviewed Jack's friends, family members, and even Warren Doyle.Don't worry though, it isn't all serious...there is the usual Pox & Puss bullshittery. Be sure to check out Dan's book about the Banana, our original episodes with Baltimore Jack, #ChickenMath, and are Double Stuff Oreos too much?

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