A day in the life of an Editor and Writer--Alex Hollings


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Alex Hollings writes on a breadth of subjects. His writing can be found on a number of websites; most notably FighterSweep.com, where Hollings serves as editor, TheNEWSREP.com, where Hollings serves as a Senior Staff Writer, and Popular Mechanics. He can also be heard regularly on SOFREP Radio and on All Marine Radio.
In this episode we talk about (in order):

  • How he starts an article
  • What his process is for developing an idea
  • How he structures his writing
  • What the timeline is for a major magazine article
  • What happens to the article once he submits it
  • How social media has changed the landscape
  • How journalists have changed
  • Does not paying for news cause bias due to clickbait articles
  • Advice for new people in the industry
  • Common mistakes by new writers
  • Upcoming projects

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