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Lianne Keemink (The Self Help Hipster) and Andrew Chin discuss self-help books, talk about their obsessions and their pop culture pleasures.

Book of the MonthAndrew and I received the book by Philip Zimbardo & John Boyd, the Time Paradox! I had a copy of a friend, but the Kindle version is 16$ on Amazon.


Philip Zimbardo is a huge name in (pop) psychology, he's best known for the Stanford Prison Experiment, and the book reads like a big parade of the biggest things that happened in psychology, somehow related to...time.

It's an interesting read on human perspective on time, and it's not a very practical self-help book but inspiring you to take a look at your own attitudes towards time.

You can take the surveys to check out your own attitudes on time here!

"Your attitudes on time have a profound impact on your life and your world." "Whether you look for happiness in the past, present or the future, you experience happiness in the present." I mention the article I wrote about taking the long term approach where I also mention the Marshmallow experiment that's also mentioned in the book. Pop Culture PleasuresLianne: Wine Country on Netflix (read my Dutch review on that movie here!) Lianne: Godzilla, King of the Monsters.OBSESSED. Saw it twice. Lianne: Good Omens, it's on Amazon Prime and stars David Tennant & Michael Sheen in the TV recreation of Pratchett's & Gaiman's awesome book, Good Omens. Lianne (I had a lot to share this week): The Loch. It's terrible (especially in terms of how Steve Alten writes about women) but I like it for what it is -- suspense ridden monster stuff. I love it even more when I found out the movie The Meg is based on one of his books either. Lianne & Andrew: GAME OF THRONES.

ObsessionsMy new pair of pants. (Lianne) Essays on Game of Thrones and how it ended. (Andrew)

Next bookAtomic Habits by James Clear!

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