A Playwright Walks Into a Writers Room...(Live from ATX Season 8)


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As networks and studios look to diversify their writers rooms through non-traditional routes, playwrights have quickly become some of TV’s top staffing contenders and most influential showrunners. Hear from several writers who made the jump from the theater to the writers room as they discuss what drew them to television, the unique challenges of writing for both stage and screen, and what this trend means both industries moving forward.


  • Tanya Saracho (Creator/Executive Producer, Vida)
  • Rachel Rusch (Senior Vice President, Television, Bad Robot)
  • Beau Willimon (Creator/Writer/Executive Producer, The First)
  • Alexander Woo (Co-Creator/Showrunner/Executive Producer, The Terror)

Moderator: Ben Travers (IndieWire)


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