Christopher Wirth | How to Leverage Resiliency and ‘No Quit Living’.


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My buddy Christopher Wirth is the founder of No Quit Living, a speaking, coaching, and training company that focuses on accountability, goals, time management, networking, leadership, sales, personal development and so much more. Chris' approach to live is one that naturally promotes personal resiliency, and a focus on embracing your challenges as you pursue a life of positivity, persistence, and prosperity. I can promise you that any conversation with Chris is will result in some powerful insights, and today's episode is a perfect example of just that. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 51 Christopher Wirth - How to Leverage Resiliency and 'No Quit Living'. TRANSCRIPT: Aaron: 00:00 All right, Chris welcome! Thanks for joining us on this episode of Unbreakable Success. How are you doing today? My man? Chris Wirth: 00:06 I'm doing great. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. Aaron: 00:08 You know, I'm excited. First of all, I've got to thank you, for those who don't know, Chris was kind enough to allow me to jump on his podcast about a week or so ago, right? We did that. Yep. Yep. He's got an awesome podcasts. Chris, for anybody that doesn't know you or know you show, can you, can you just plug it right now for, for the benefit of everybody listening so they can check it out and see what you're up to? Chris Wirth: 00:32 I appreciate it. So the show is called No Quit Living in basically the m.o. Of our show as well as our company is just to motivate and inspire people to never give up. And we work with entrepreneurs. We work with traditional employees of companies, we work with corporations, teams, and it's just a really fun atmosphere. And I think the one thing that we talk about a lot is accountability and self accountability. And as I said, I feel that there's so much negativity in the social media world and the media world in general, that we want to be that one place where people can come to and know that they're gonna be inspired, motivated to never give up. Aaron: 01:03 Yeah, I love it, man. I think that's part of the reason that we have so much. When, uh, when we met a big shout out to Bryan Falchuk again for introducing us, I feel like every three episodes on my show, I'm thanking Brian, for introducing me to somebody, Chris Wirth: 01:17 He told me, he told me, he told me to plug him too when he said he'd give me 1500 bucks. So Brian, thank you my man. Aaron: 01:25 We'll split it down the middle. Chris, tell us a little about what you're doing. Because I love the concept of no quit living. I'm just, if, any of us listening just sit back and kind of think about that and let it soak in for a second. The idea of No Quit Living. Where did that, where did that come from? Because I'm, I have no doubt there's a reason behind that name and that title and the reason you named your your business and what you're doing. No Quit Living. How did that start? Chris Wirth: 01:55 Yeah, no, there's definitely a story behind it. So a few years ago, I think still to this day, I subscribe to about five or six daily quotes of the day and I was, I don't know if I was going through a tough day or just having a tough morning, but one of the quotes that came across my desk was by Dr Norman Vincent Peale, which is, it's always too early to quit. And what I, what I ended up doing was I ended up printing it out a couple of times. I think I enlarged it and Lo and behold, a couple of years later I was looking at different things and I don't know why, but no, quit living. Just just stood out for me. And I am a former college basketball and college tennis player. I coached a high school and college basketball for a while. So for me, sports in college has always been kind of my, my driving force. Chris Wirth: 02:36 And the one thing that I realized now working with teams, corporations and individuals on the coaching,

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