Dov Baron | How to Expand Your Thought Leadership Platform


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Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 52 Dov Baron - How to Expand Your Thought Leadership Platform. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. There are few things in life as enjoyable as learning about someone's journey into successfully doing with that they absolutely love. Dov Baron is perhaps the epitome of one of those entrepreneurial journeys that I'm honored to share with you. Dov is the host of the number one podcast for Fortune 500 leaders, has twice been named as one of Inc. Magazine's top 100 Leadership Speakers to hire, he's a multi-time bestselling author, and has been featured in the media in places like CNN, USA Today, The Boston Globe, CBS Small Business Pulse and so much more. However, all of Dov's accolades aren't as important as his insights that he's giving you today on how to build a thought leadership platform. He's sharing how he got started building his platform, how write a book, and the power of finding what you consider to be your purpose and embracing it to be of service to others. You know that we love every one of our amazing guests here on Unbreakable Success, yet I promise you that today's conversation with Dov is going to somehow feel special. He's truly an amazing human being whom I've quickly come to admire for his passion, authenticity, and genuine desire to support you in your business and personal life. Please make sure you're subscribed to Unbreakable Success, and save this episode as one of your favorites. TRANSCRIPT: Aaron: 00:00 Everybody welcome back to another episode of unbreakable success. Dov Baron, thank you so much for, for sharing so much of your time with us today, sharing some nuggets, nuggets of wisdom for being here with us. Thank you. And how are you? How are things for you lately? It's been a little bit since we talked. Dov Baron: 00:14 It has an. First of all, I want to thank you for having me on. It's an honor and a pleasure to come here to serve you and your audience. I've been as usual, crazy busy doing all kinds of wonderful things and, and people say to me, you know, you're so busy. Do you have time for anybody or anything new? And the answer is always yes. If you want something done, ask a busy person. But I just, I, you know, I'm doing what I love so I'm busy. Aaron: 00:37 Yeah. So for, for those that don't know, obviously you've been in, you are one of the best when it comes to speaking. Uh, certainly. Certainly, I think if you probably don't know this right now, but I think he'd be like, it's one of those distance mentors that I look to and say, you know, that's some of the stuff you're doing is, is some of the things that I aspire to, so I appreciate you being here and if I can be selfish, I, I love having you here because I know I'm going to learn something from you as always do with my guests, but certainly to have the opportunity to learn from you is and share it with my audience as well as his extra special. For people that don't know you, you're enlisted in multiple places. One of the top 100 lead, a motivational speakers and leadership speakers in the world. You've been traveling globally for decades. Speaking to so many different audiences. You probably stopped counting many, many years ago. A written many books and all of that, but if we could, we'll. We'll get some nice nuggets where people can use in their business and in life obviously, but I'd like to give people some context about you. Like, where did this stuff, baron, a thought leadership plan, it's platform. Where did it start for you? If you could take us back in the day for a minute? Dov Baron: 01:47 Um, well I've been speaking for 34 years, so it started way before there was such a thing as a platform. I went to be a book Expo America in 2000 and so, and I was there looking and finding out whether I needed a book deal or there or she'd get a book deal and I was talking to some people. Then one of the things they asked me is what's your platform?

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