Danielle LaRock | How to Leverage the Healing Power of Purpose.


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Did you know that a strong sense of purpose doesn't just help you feel good, it can help you heal? Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 44 Danielle LaRock - How to Leverage the Healing Power of Purpose. Did you ever notice how our bodies respond physically to our mental state? People living with chronic stress age faster. There's a healthy glow around happy expecting mothers. People who are generating a life of fulfillment enjoy more physical energy and vibrancy. Our friend Danielle LaRock has first-hand experience in the stunning results that can be experienced by finding and engaging in activity that satisfies our need for purpose. Danielle has a stunning story of physical healing and transformation that baffled her physicians and sparked a mission to help others experience radical healing by engaging in their calling. She's sharing an amazing journey of mental and physical transformation that you need to hear and share. If you've never met Danielle LaRock, she's been featured in The Elephant Journal, Best Self Magazine, The Start Up Sessions and more. You're going to hear her story of how she was suffering from a chronic illness, and tried to relieve her symptoms using western medicine, natruopathic medicine, energy medicine and other methods, but nothing was working. Her life changed shortly after she transitioned from a career that was dissatisfying and began engaging in work that she felt deeply meaningful and satisfying. Surprisingly, she noticed the physical symptoms she tried so hard to relieve were beginning to fade on their own. That was when she learned about the phenomenon of Shaman Sickness, and began a new journey of service and purpose. I'll let Danielle tell you the rest of her story in this episode, but can tell you that there's much to be said about the amazing changes that can occur in your life when you're actually doing things that satisfy your inherent desire for impact and purpose. It could involve your career, or volunteerism, or any other meaningful practice that feels deeply meaningful. I can attest to similar experiences, and it's truly amazing. Today, Danielle works with coaches, healers, artists, activists, practitioners, visionaries, and conscious entrepreneurs who know that their truest form of service comes from being themselves. After all, discovering purpose isn't about finding some external thing that suddenly aligns the stars, it's simply a process of discovering activities that are fulfilling and allow you express your values. As I mentioned in some recent episodes, I think Mel Robbins explained the concept of purpose best in her book The 5 Second Rule. Purpose is about energy. With that in mind, we can recognize that in order for us to heal mentally and physically, it takes energy to heal. This is starting to make sense isn't it? Please listen, enjoy and share this episode with someone you love. Most of all PLEASE reach out to Danielle and give her some much-deserved love for sharing so much with us today. With love & respect - Aaron Have a question or comment about this episode? Click here to contact Aaron. Resources from Unbreakable Success Podcast Episode 44: DanielleLaRock.com The Heal You Project Facebook: FB.com/DanielleJohannaLaRock Twitter: @yourhavenwithin Instagram: danielle_larock

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