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Have the courage to embrace your unique path to success, because the only right path, is yours. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 45 Elizabeth McCourt - Have the Courage to Embrace Your Unique Path to Success. One of your greatest advantages is your unique story. It's one of a kind. No one else can claim or leverage it to their advantage quite like you. A lot of us have this idea in our head that there's a 'right way' to create our success. You know what I mean. I've also suffered from that illusion that I couldn't have a certain life because I didn't have the right background, education, career or wasn't the right age to start something new. The idea that you need to be something to become something is total bs. Elizabeth McCourt is one of those people you have to love, because she's one of those living inspirations who shows us how amazing life can be when we refuse to 'live in the box' that people expect us to stay in. Elizabeth is the founder of McCourt Leadership Group, and her path to success has nothing to do with the linear expectation of onlookers. She's created a unique that includes jumps from a career in finance, to practicing law, to a leadership expert with her own coaching practice. Most recently, she's now a published fiction novelist of a brilliant legal thriller called Sin in the Big Easy. On top of that, she spends time traveling, public speaking, doing triathlons and more. Join us in Episode 45 as we discuss the importance of defining our own path, and exercising our creativity instead of settling for the expected. Elizabeth has earned her B.S. in Finance from the University of Maryland, J.D. from Loyola University in New Orleans, Natural Resources Certificate from the University of New Mexico, and MFA in Creative Writing from SUNY Stony Brook. She's also a CPCC certified coach through the "Harvard" of coaching schools, The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). You're going to enjoy the many lessons that Elizabeth and I share in this episode, and I hope it gets you thinking about your unique story, and what it is you really want to be doing for the rest of your life. It may not be what everyone else is expecting from you, and that's ok! By the way, Elizabeth gave one of my favorite TEDx talks called Why You Should Spill Your Secrets. I'm very proud of my new friend Elizabeth, and am happy to share her with you in this Episode. If you haven't already subscribed to Unbreakable Success in iTunes, this is a great time to do it! Please remember to leave a 5 star rating and a quick review to let others love what you've enjoyed most about the podcast! Have a question or comment about this episode? Call me anytime at (888)348-7298. Resources from Unbreakable Success Podcast Episode 45: mccourtleadership.com Elizabeth's Must-Have Novel: Sin in the Big Easy Twitter: @ecmccourt Facebook: fb.com/mccourtleadership LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/ElizabethMcCourt Instagram: instagram.com/rizabiz

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