Michael O’Brien | There are no more bad days once you Shift.


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Unbreakable Success Podcast, Episode 56 Michael O'Brien - There are no more "bad days" once you Shift. Click to Subscribe on >> iTunes, Stitcher Radio or Tunein. SHIFT. Creating better tomorrows: Winning at work and in life. That's the tagline mindset behind Michael O'Brien's transformational book and his work. No matter how successful you currently feel, or how much it seems like you're struggling, I can promise that after listening to Michael, his story, and message, you're going to have a powerful new perspective on your limitless possiblities moving forward. You'll quickly realize that regardless of circumstances, you have every reason and opportunity to create your own 'better tomorrow'. Michael is one of those authentic people who triggers you to want to achieve more, and appreciate what you already have. Enjoy and share, and make sure you're subscribed to Unbreakable Success (search "Unbreakable Success" on iTunes) so you'll automatically get the next one. With love & respect - Aaron Transcript: Aaron: 00:00 All right everybody, welcome back to another episode of the unbreakable success. This is the first time we're doing an episode and public. Um, I'm here with Michael Brian, author of shifts creating better tomorrows, winning at work and life. And, uh, Mike, first of all, thanks for joining me for Nice disbursed out in the wild. That episode is going to be something new for both of us. I'm glad we're here. We both happen to be Jersey guys, so thanks for joining me. For everybody that doesn't know you, as I'm holding up the book here for everybody to see that are watching on video, you go grab a copy of shift at Amazon or your favorite bookstore. Mike, tell us a little bit about your deal and then what's your, what's your up to today? And we'll get into backstory a little bit, but, uh, what's your jam today besides being an author? Michael O'Brien: 00:47 Well, so my jam today, it's what I like to tell people is that I help sales and marketing pros avoid their suv, right? So a lot of people are like, what does he mean by that? Numbers don't make sense to tell people, but like in all seriousness, I, I help sales and marketing professionals slay the doubt and the worry that inner critic stuff in their mind so they can have complete success. Right. So which we've talked about like as we're having some lunch. Yeah, like having all the external markers of success, the house, the job title and the success you had the success inside the film at that joy, that happiness. So now I'm an executive coach and I do just that. Prior to [inaudible] up, we're in Jersey. I spent my whole career in the pharmaceutical industry because that's what you do in New Jersey. Right? Michael O'Brien: 01:35 That's it. So I was a sales and marketing pro, then individual contributor and then I worked my way up into executive leadership. But the big thing and what the book's about is what I call my last bad day. Yeah. So that was July 11th, 2001. And as we're talking like back then we were anticipating the Washer, the ipad or ipod back then. That is so crazy. There was no facebook, there was no linkedin, there was no twitter, there was no youtube, there was, there was no way to listen to music except your Sony Diskman, which I had mentioned your head one, two. I think I still got it somewhere. Yeah. So I, uh, back then I was out at a company meeting in New Mexico and I brought my bike out. I've always been an avid cyclist and I decided to bring my bike out across New Mexico, off my list of skates. Michael O'Brien: 02:27 I wanted to ride my bike again, avoid the hotel gym, get some outside air, the whole thing. And uh, so I was doing loops around the hotel property before my meeting. I came around the bend and a Ford Explorer Suv had crossed into my lane full head on going about 40 miles an hour, smash right into me. Like I had nowhere to go. I remember,

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