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You might think, "I cannot draw" or "I don't have talent." And maybe you are right. However, the good news is: sketchnoting is not about art. It's not about performing as an artist or comparing yourself to famous artists. It's not about perfection. It is about communication. Sketchnotes help people all over the world to better remember what they heard, regardless of their drawing skills. Anna talks with two of our Tech Community's celebrated sketchnoters, Luise Freese and Rebecca Jackson - and Frank the bunny.

Take on our Sketchnote Challenge! Send us a sketchnote of your Day/Week-in-the-life! Tag @TheUptakePod, Luise and Rebeeca and we'll share it!

Resources and Info Links:

Anna Chu | @_achu

Rebecca Jackson | Site | @_rebeccajackson | MVP Profile

Luise Freese | @LuiseFreese | PimpYourOwnDevice stickers! | Sway Presentation on Sketchnoting

Luise’s Ignite 2019 Keynote sketchnote and reply by Satya on Twitter

2019 or How I started to believe in myself” by Luise Freese

Scribbles have meaning” by Better Kid Care

Live sketchnoting of The Uptake Sketchnoting episode video by Rebecca Jackson

Sketchnoting of The Uptake episode on Surface Pro 4 (time-lapse) video by Rebecca Jackson

Microsoft Tech Community | @MSTCommunity

Humans of IT Community

Regarding 365 | @regarding365

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)

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