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Award-winning author Adharanand Finn interviews an eclectic mix of runners to try to uncover what it is that makes us want to lace up and head outside to run around in big, pointless circles. And why we love it so much. Adharanand Finn is the author of three award-winning books, Running with the Kenyans (2012), The Way of the Runner (2014), and the Rise of the Ultra Runners (2019). He has run 10 ultra marathons and has a road marathon best time of 2 hrs 50 mins. He is a freelance journalist writing for the Guardian, the FT, the Telegraph and many others. Follow him on Twitter @adharanand or Instagram: Adharanand hosts a series of running camps and writing retreats in Dartmoor, Chamonix and Iten, Kenya. For more information visit: The Way of the Runner Podcast is sponsored by TRIBE, the UK's leading natural performance nutrition brand and community. TRIBE make 100% natural energy and recovery products that are vegan, gluten free and dairy free. TRIBE was set as the result of a 1,000-mile trail run across Europe to fight human trafficking. Find out more @ Listeners can enjoy their first TRIBE Pack of six natural energy and recovery products for only £2 (includes free shipping). Head to, select '6 Pack' and use code 'RUNNER2' at checkout. The podcast is also sponsored by Kenyan Running Bands. Handmade in Iten, Kenya and with profits going back to struggling and upcoming runners in the Rift Valley region, these bands are like a go-faster stripe for runners. The Kenyans wear them, Mo Farah wears one … need we say more! To check them out and to get yours visit

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