58: Grizzly Attack with Todd Orr


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Todd Orr was born and raised in Montana, and is a modern-day mountain man. However, no amount of time spent in the wilderness can prepare a person for a grizzly bear attack, let alone 2 grizzly bear attacks in the same day. Todd survived both horrific attacks and shares why his love for nature will not fade. In this episode:

  • Growing up in Montana and working outside every single day.
  • A normal hike one day turns into a fight for survival with a grizzly bear
  • Bit 5-6 times in the right arm and shoulder
  • How to properly avoid an encounter with a bear, or protect yourself if it attacks
  • Playing dead while feeling the breath of a grizzly bear on his neck
  • Walking down the trail to safety and getting attacked by the bear for a 2nd time
  • Suffering a broken left forearm from the bite of a grizzly
  • A foot away from her face and staring into the eyes of a grizzly
  • Surviving 2 bear attacks and hiking 3 miles back down a trail to his car
  • Recovering after multiple surgeries and stitches
  • Returning to the woods and conquering fear

You can follow Todd on Instagram @todd_orr. You can also checkout his custom knives collection that are available for purchase at www.skybladeknives.com

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