VREP #281 | Why You Might Want to Buy Vancouver Real Estate Right Now with Vince Taylor


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After the past 18 months, it’s hard to imagine that Vancouver real estate could go on another run, but there are some undeniable demand forces at play and today’s guest thinks the verdict is already in. Pilothouse’s President, Vince Taylor, joins Matt & Adam to put Vancouver real estate in a broader context and outline why home values are set to explode.

Fresh off of the launch of his recent book, “Beyond the Blindfold: Harnessing the Secret Power of Context”, Vince offers incredible insights in pursuing life through taking action and understanding your personal circumstances through a global lens. With decades of real estate experience in the Lower Mainland, Vince also explains how to make money in real estate, where to buy, and why right now could be an amazing buying opportunity. This episode will not disappoint.

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