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Our new podcast Standup Lie Down with myself and Dr Keith Ablow (yes the Dr Keith Ablow from The Howard Stern Show) is being recorded (a full season of this new podcast) on Nov 14th and 15th in NYC. Each episode will have one standup comic guest and we will go in and out of standup clips of the guest comedian and analyze the material and the comedian to try and get the truth behind it all. A lot of comedians mask their pain with jokes, this podcast will challenge each guest to not go for the laugh but go for the truth. We'll be dropping all the episodes at once very soon. If you want to follow us on twitter go to @standupliedown. If you would like to contribute to the podcast and get some cool rewards checkout what we are offering to the super fans http://patreon.com/standupliedown I'll talk to you all soon!

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