#4 Eagles Are Going To The Superbowl - Kids Breaking Your Things


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Joe talks about his team the Philadelphia Eagles going to the Superbowl and trying to figure out where he will watch it with his 4 friends he grew up with that are also big Eagles fans. He also discusses what it felt like when he got home and saw that his son and his 2 friends had took out some of his heavy tools from the garage and started smashing rocks on their newly black topped driveway causing some big gauges, and much much more of Joe's life is discussed. To unlock a lot of the cool secret stuff along with autographed merchandise you'll get become a patron of Joe's Patreon campaign. Go to http://www.Patreon.com/standupliedown Also Listen to Ep #3 of Joe's other podcast Standup Lie Down that Joe does with Dr Keith Ablow every Friday.This weeks guest SNL alum Joe Piscopo. Go http://www.standupliedown.com to find it.

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