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In this week’s episode, motivational keynote speaker and bestselling author Erik Qualman gives insight on how to navigate the digital world as an entrepreneur. Erik shares some statistics about how we interact in the digital era and how it applies to building a successful business. Listen in on and learn how to digitally transform your business, step into discomfort, and creating superfans by being “flawsome.”

Timestamped show notes

02:40 - Jock or nerd? 03:29 - Stats for the future 04:00 - The Un-Selfie Mentality 05:06 - Scaling the unscalable 05:35 - Stats for today 06:06 - More conversations with AI than your spouse? 06:25 - The change in our attention spans and how it affects business 07:32 - How to digitally transform your business 08:17 - Being “flawsome” 09:15 - Pioneers always get pushback, be a pioneer! 09:32 - How does one become a futurist? 11:18 - What do you need to do to get it right in 2019? 11:47 - Step into discomfort each and every day 12:04 - Erik shares how he walks into discomfort 12:20 - Be on the edge 12:40 - The story behind Erik’s trademark glasses 14:17 - Erik shares how the glasses help him reach others 15:25 - Stepping into your story 15:37 - Erik’s story and goal 16:49 - Conversations are the new currency 17:10 - Simple does not mean easy 18:21 - Erik’s shares his favorite apps! 18:44 - Utilizing gamification in the digital world 19:03 - Getting better from evaluated failure 20:32 - Creating a superfan by being “flawsome”

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