051 | How to Create An Alter-Ego and Activate Your Courageous Self with Lisa Carpenter


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Welcome back to the conclusion of our 2-part series featuring my conversation with transformational life coach and rockstar fitness advocate - Lisa Carpenter.

In this episode, Lisa shares her story about how she wound up in the world of competitive fitness and how her amazing journey unraveled when she began to fully embrace her femininity and sexuality.

She dives deep into how she created her alter ego, who is a powerful and unapologetic version of herself, and how this persona helped her deal with the shame and judgment that she's experienced regarding her body.

Have you been wrestling with the concept of self-worth lately? We got you! Come join us in this episode, it’s about time for you to reclaim your power and embrace your inner goddess.


Lisa has an extensive background as a life coach and offers so much wisdom on boundaries, abundance, and self-love... so you can just imagine how exciting it is to have this conversation with her!

With nearly 20 years of coaching experience, an extensive background in nutrition and fitness, Lisa brings a unique combination of coaching to her clients helping them claim a relationship in their lives, businesses or bodies free of stress, struggle and frustration.

Lisa Carpenter CNC, CSNC, PN1, CPT is the secret weapon for driven, ambitious, achievers who want to live, lead, and perform at their highest level.

Her work acknowledges the deep connection between our behaviors and our emotions, helping her clients experience freedom from the constraints of societal beliefs that include dieting, hard work, and self-sacrifice.

Lisa Carpenter’s website: https://lisacarpenter.ca/

Lisa on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisacarpent...

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