059 | Creating Your Identity and Taking Charge of Your Life with Iona Holloway


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In this second part of our conversation with best-selling author, coach, and speaker, Iona Holloway, we learn more about identity, awareness, and self-worth from her journey. She shares the turning point in her struggle with an eating disorder that led her to take the practical steps to change, and how embedding worthiness in her identity became her renewable source of energy in life.

Growing up with the standards of ‘perfection’, Iona navigates through these beliefs and how it affected her both mentally and physically, and how she believes that every experience teaches us something valuable, even if we get lost at some point.In this episode, Iona shares more about her book, Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink, how she came to write it, her goal and intention of this book, and the message she wants people to take from it.

Iona’s Website: https://www.bravething.co/

Iona on Instagram: @ionaholloway

Iona’s Soul Breathwork app in the Apple Store: https://apps.apple.com/tt/app/soul-breathwork-app/id1593412330

Iona’s Book - Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink


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